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Impeachment may be off the table

war crimes trials are not.

Good news from Kentucky

Here comes the Kubrick flood

More Debate Scheduling Conflicts

Are Republican Candidates Afraid of American Minorities?

Great moments in racial hubris

AEI: How did Jews get so smart?

Do you live in New York?

NY Draft Al Gore Petition Drive Begins Tomorrow!

You don’t have to live in DC to support DC voting rights

DC Vote, working to end taxation without representation.

Dodd and bankruptcy deform

Dodd Most Progressive on Bankruptcy Reform

eRiposte at The Left Coaster has a very comprehensive analysis of where the various current and former Senator-candidates stood on various pieces of bankruptcy reform legislation. The post covers the 2000, 2002, and 2005 Bankruptcy Bills and compares Senators Dodd, Clinton, Edwards, Obama, and Biden — with Senators Lieberman and Feingold included as well for comparison. The focus of eRiposte’s analysis is on the 2001 and 2005 Bankruptcy Bills, which had the majority of this group of senators around to vote on it.