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Jimmy Carter in Charlotte, NC

Jimmy Carter coming to town

CHARLOTTE — Former President Jimmy Carter will make two appearances in the Charlotte area next month, to sign copies of his new book, “Beyond the White House.”

Gore in Canada

Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore speaks to students first at “green tea.”

The trio of University of Victoria students who pulled off a public relations coup by enticing Gore to Victoria joked that it was a “green” tea, but also made sure that there would be cheaper seats available for 400 university students in a theatre below the ballroom where Gore was to speak.

Expecting to see the Oscar-winning American only on a big screen, the students rose to their feet and cheered wheh he made a surprise appearance 10 minutes before he was to take the stage upstairs.

“We decided to make the other room, upstairs, the overflow room,” he told them, to wild applause, then issued a personal plea about climate change.

Abandoning Our Troops: A Betrayal of Trust

Peter Beinart wakes up, sort of

better late than never.

He could atone for the harm he has done by vigorously opposing military action against Iran. Don’t count on it.

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Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-tax fraud

Patrick McHenry: owned home with another man in DC, took homestead tax deduction, but voted in NC

Does anyone know how McHenry voted on DC voting rights?

Happy Birthday

Suburban Guerrilla

Why does NewsCorp have an FCC license?

Fox Radio Host calls Oprah a Nazi racist for her Obama support

Hope in Grace

Kellie Joseph’s Lower 9th Ward home has been lost….again.

Question of the day

Who owned drug plane that crashed in Mexico?

Some news reports have linked the plane to the transport of terrorist suspects to the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but those reports cite logs that indicate only that the plane flew twice between Washington, D.C., and Guantanamo and once between Oxford, Conn., and Guantanamo. No terrorist suspects are known to have been transferred to Guantanamo directly from the United States.

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Why we have to get out of Iraq now

Dien Bien Phu, Iraq

The Nightmare Scenario, Part 3.

While dilettantes believe the attack is the most difficult military art, most soldiers know better. Carrying out a successful retreat is usually far harder.