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A culture of treachery

First Draft

Bush Assministration Lawyers argue that Condoleezza Rice, Elliot Abrams, and Stephen Hadley (among others) should not have to answer a subpoena and testify as to whether or not they gave classified information to AIPAC.


war crime

Who is our economy for?

Will The Fed Bail Out The Fat Cats Yet Again?

As I observe the professional reaction to the “mortgage crisis” and the credit crunch – coming from the bursting housing bubble – I am struck by the degree to which everyone is looking entirely to the Fed to bail out the big players. It is an expectation. It is the understanding of the financial class that they will be bailed out by the government – at the expense of the taxpayers. Again.

That is what is so disheartening, there isn’t any debate about this. There is simply an unspoken agreement that it is the job of the Federal Reserve to make sure the big shots don’t get hurt.

Consequences are for the little people.

Indian Tribal Leaders Honor Al Gore

Washington Post

GAUHATI, India — Tribal kings and chieftains in a remote corner of India that is one of the rainiest places on Earth chose former Vice President Al Gore for their first “global award” for bringing attention to the dangers of climate change.

More than 3,000 kings, chieftains and elders from Meghalaya, a northeastern state, decided to honor Gore after watching his Academy Award-winning documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Security and democracy

the idea that tyranny is a useful counterinsurgency tool seems to be mostly pernicious myth.

AIPAC and the erosion of American liberty

It just occurred to me that Israelis have been committing human rights abuses for years. They have a huge effort devoted to suppressing any discussion of that fact. As more and more of our elite became invested in suppressing any discussion of this, so they became more inured to the idea of trading liberty in exchange for advancing their political agenda. That is there is bipartisan support for subversion of the Constitution.

I want my constitution back!

Digital Collection System Network

Why does the Secret Service permit itself to be misused?

Karl Rove was looking to get even with some students at American University who had the tenacity to show him their asses.

I’m no lawyer, but isn’t there a statute of limitations on this type of stuff? And does Rove really need the Secret Service to issue the arrest warrants?

I so old, I remember when our country was protected by the Bill of Rights.

Talking Points

Republicans care more about catching Democrats
than catching terrorists.

A dangerous precedent

You can Torture People, just Make Sure you Follow Orders!